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Johnson, A. F. (1926). The Italian Sixteenth Century, etc, pp. 34. pl. 50. Ernest Benn: London.

Johnson, A. F. (1928). French Sixteenth Century Printing, etc, pp. 32. pl. 50. Ernest Benn: London.

Johnson, E. C. (1853). Tangible Typography: or, how the Blind read, London.

Johnson, J. M. and I. W (1817). BibliothecŠ JohnsonianŠ, pars prima. A catalogue of a select and valuable collection of rare specimens of early typography; together with a few ancient manuscripts. composing the first part of the library of John Mordaunt Johnson. which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Evans. the 2d June, 1817, and following day, etc. [The preface signed: I. W.], pp. xxvi. 44. W. Bulmer & Co.: London.

Jury, D. (2002). About face: reviving the rules of typography. Switzerland; Hove, RotoVision.

Karow, P. (1987). Digital formats for typefaces. Hamburg, URW Verlag.

Karow, P. and P. D. f. f. t. Karow (1994). Digital typefaces: description and formats. Berlin; London, Springer-Verlag.

Kelly, R. R. (1977). Wood type alphabets: 100 fonts. New York, Dover Publications; London: Constable.

Kennedy, P. E. (1974). Modern display alphabets: 100 complete fonts. New York, Dover Publications; London: Constable.

Kindersley, D. I., memoir, et al. (1979). Eric Gill: stone carver, wood engraver, typographer, writer: 3 essays to accompany an exhibition of his life and work [held at] Dartington Cider Press Centre, 17 July-27 August 1979 [and at] Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, 20 October-18 November 1979. [Dartington] ([Dartington Hall, Dartington, Totnes, Devon]), Dartington Hall Trust; Cambridge: Kettle's Yard.

King, E. (2005). Robert Brownjohn sex and typography: 1925-1970 life and work. New York, NY, Princeton Architectural Press.

Kinross, R. (1992). Modern typography: an essay in critical history. London, Hyphen Press.

Kinross, R. (1992). Modern Typography: Essay in Critical History, Hyphen P.

Kinross, R. (2002). Unjustified texts: perspectives on typography. London, Hyphen.

Klanten, R. (2004). Type-one: discipline and progress in typography. Berlin; [London], Gestalten.

Knuth, D. E. (1986). Computer modern typefaces. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.

Knuth, D. E. (1999). Digital typography. Stanford, Calif.; [Great Britain], CSLI Publications.

Krantz, S. G. (2001). Handbook of typography for the mathematical sciences. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Krumm, R. (1988). Ventura: desktop publishing, stylesheets, fonts, layout, multiple-frame documents, and graphic design. Portland, Or., Management Information Source.

Kunz, W. (2000). Typography: macro- and microaesthetics. Sulgen, Niggli.

Labour, P. and M. Middleton (1948). Soldiers of Lead. An introduction to layout and typography for use in the Labour Party. (By Michael Middleton), pp. 48. London.

Labuz, R. (1988). Typography & typesetting: type design and manipulation using today's technology, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Labuz, R. (1988). Typography & typesetting, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Lacoue-Labarthe, P. and C. Fynsk (1989). Typography: mimesis, philosophy, politics. Cambridge, Mass.; London, Harvard University Press.

Le Jeune, J. M. R. (1896). English manual, or, Prayers and catechism in English typography. Kamloops, B.C., [s.n.].

Levitas, A. (1924). Printing and Typography for Beginners, etc, pp. xiii. 196. McGraw-Hill Book Co.: New York.

Levitas, A. (1924). Printing and typography for beginners, using the self-study method. New York, McGraw-Hill.

Lewis, G. R. (1843). The early fonts of England. The ancient font of Little Walsingham, in Norfolk, drawn and illustrated, with a descriptive interpretation, by G. R. Lewis. [Ten plates.], G. R. Lewis: London.

Lewis, J. (1978). Typography, design and practice. London, Barrie and Jenkins.

Lewis, J. (1994). Such things happen: the life of a typographer. Stowmarket, Unicorn.

Lewis, J. and J. Brinkley (1954). Graphic design: with special reference to lettering, typography and illustration. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul.

Lewis, J. N. C. (1963). Typography: basic principles. Influences and trends since the 19th century. [With illustrations.], pp. 96. Studio Books: London; Gouda printed.

Lieberman, J. B. (1967). Types of typefaces and how to recognize them. London, Ward, Lock.

Lieberman, J. B. (1977). Type and typefaces. New Rochelle, N.Y, Myriade Press.

Linotype and L. T. D. Machinery (1938). The Printed Word. (Typography by Linotype.) [Type specimens.], London.

Lock, H. F. (1940). Basic typography: a practical guide for the student typograhper to type display and the principles of layout. [S.l.], [s.n.].

Lock, H. F. B. S. (1940). Basic Typography. A practical guide for the student typographer, etc, pp. ix. 110. Sir I. Pitman & Sons: London.

Lommen, M. (2003). Bram de Does: letterontwerper & typograaf = typographer & type designer. Amsterdam, Buitenkant.

Ludlow Typograph, C. (1930). Ludlow Typefaces. A specimen book of matrix fonts, Chicago.

Ludlow Typograph, C. (1931). Ludlow Typefaces in Use. (Ludlow Typefaces in Newspaper Advertising.) Set N. 1(-N. 7). [With a Supplement, May, 1932.], 8 pt. Ludlow Typograph Company: Chicago.

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