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Aaron, B. and A. Aaron (1993). TrueType text fonts. San Francisco, Sybex.

Abe, K., K. Shibata, et al. (1993). New typo graphics: the new faces of contemporary typography. Tokyo, P.I.E. Books; Du\0308sseldorf: Nippan.

Allen, J. E. E. o. t. C. N. D. (1940). The Modern Newspaper: its typography and methods of news presentation. [With illustrations.], pp. ix. 234. Harper & Bros.: New York & London.

Andre, J. and R. Hersch (1989). Raster imaging and digital typography: proceedings of the international conference. Lausanne. 1989. Cambridge, CUP.

Andre, J. E. and R. E. Hersch (1989). Raster imaging and digital typography: International conference: Papers, Cambridge University Press.

Andre, J. E., J. E. Gonczarowski, et al. (1993). RIDT'94: 3rd International conference on raster imaging and digital typography: Preprinted papers, Wiley.

Appleton, T. (1973). A typological tally. Thirteen hundred writings in English on printing history, typography, bookbinding and papermaking. Compiled by Tony Appleton, Brighton.

Appleton, T. (1973). A typological tally: thirteen hundred writings in English on printing history, typography, bookbinding and papermaking. Brighton (28 Florence Rd, Brighton, Sussex BN1 6DJ), [T. Appleton].

Arman, M. (1986). A diary of engravings and linocuts: the author describes the circumstances in which the blocks were made over a period of forty years, and exploits an interest in typography for their presentation. Thaxted, Workshop Press.

Arnold, E. C. (1978). Arnold's ancient axioms: typography for publications editors. Chicago, Ragan Report Press.

Badaracco, C. (1995). Trading words: poetry, typography and illustrated books in the modern literary economy. Baltimore; London, Johns Hopkins University Press.

Baecker, R. M. and A. Marcus (1990). Human factors and typography for more readable programs, ACM Press.

Bain, E. K. (1970). Display typography. London, Focal.

Bain, E. K. (1970). The theory and practice of typographic design. New York, Hastings House.

Baines, P. and A. Haslam (2002). Type & typography. London, Laurence King.

Barnhart, T. F. (1949). Weekly Newspaper Makeup and Typography. [With illustrations.], pp. ix. 267. University of Minnesota Press: Minneapolis.

Barnhart, T. F. (1981). Weekly newspaper makeup and typography. [S.l.], University Microfilm.

Bartram, A. (2005). Futurist typography and the liberated text. London, British Library.

Bastien, A. J. (1942). Practical Typography explained for Students. [With illustrations.], pp. 105. Bastien Bros.: West Drayton.

Bastien, A. J. (1955). Practical Typography. Second revised edition, pp. iii. 118. A. J. Bastien: West Drayton.

Bastien, A. J. and R. Bastien (1933). Typographica. (Bastien Typographica.) A journal of typography and the graphic arts, London.

Bastien, R. a. B. and A. J. Bastien (1937). Annals of a Great Period. Coronation Year, 1937. Some notes. [On the principles of typography. With illustrations.], pp. 15. [London.

Batty, R. E. (1848). Some Particulars connected with the History of Baptismal Fonts, with four Norman illustrations, pp. 32. J. Pickburn: Aylesbury; F. & J. Rivington: London.

Baudin, F. (1989). How typography works: (and why it is important), Lund Humphries.

Baudin, F. (1989). How typography works, Lund Humphries.

Bauermeister, B. (1988). A manual of comparative typography: the PANOSE system, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Beadnell, H. (1861). A Guide to Typography, literary and practical; or, the Reader\2019s handbook and the compositor\2019s vade-mecum, 2 pt. F. Bowering: London.

Beaujon, P. p. and P. S. Fournier (1926). Pierre Simon Fournier, 1712-1768, and XVIIIth century French Typography. [With a portrait.], pp. 43. Lanston Monotype Corporation: London.

Becu, T. (1961). Bibliography, Typography, Fine Printing. Collection Dr. Teodoro Becu. Sale March 21, 1961, etc, pp. 51. Internationaal Antiquariaat Menno Hertzberger & Co.: Amsterdam.

Bell, A. M. (1904). English Visible Speech and its Typography elucidated. Reprint from the British and Colonial Printer and Stationer, pp. 9. 4. Gibson Bros.: Washington.

Bentley, G. E. (1977). Blake books: annotated catalogues of William Blake's writings in illuminated printing, in conventional typography and in manuscript, and reprints thereof, reproductions of his designs, books with his engravings, catalogues, books he owned and scholarly and critical works about him. Oxford, Clarendon Press.

Berry, J. (2003). U&lc: influencing design & typography. West New York, N.J., Mark Batty; Enfield: Airlift.

Berry, J. D. (2004). Contemporary newspaper design: shaping the news in the digital age: typography & image on modern newsprint. West New York, N.J., Mark Batty; [Enfield: Airlift].

Biegeleisen, J. I. (1995). Classic type faces and how to use them: including 91 complete fonts. New York, Dover Publications; London: Constable and Co.

Biggs, J. R. (1954). The Use of Type. The practice of typography. [With illustrations.], pp. 220. Blandford Press: London.

Biggs, J. R. (1954). The use of type: the practice of typography, Blandford P.

Biggs, J. R. (1968). Basic typography. [With illustrations.], pp. 176. Faber & Faber: London.

Biggs, J. R. (1968). Basic typography. New York, Watson-Guptill Publications.

Black, A. (1990). Typefaces for desktop publishing: a user guide. London, Architecture Design and Technology Press.

Black, A. (1990). Typefaces for desktop publishing, Architecture Design and Technology Press.

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