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Blackwell, B. H. S. and B. H. Newdigate (1945). Bernard Newdigate, typographer. An address delivered. at the 79th meeting of the Double Crown Club held at Kettner\2019s, 8th March 1945, London: privately printed.

Blades, W. (1877). The biography and typography of William Caxton. London, [s.n.].

Blades, W. (1969). Shakspere and typography: being an attempt to show Shakspere's personal connection with, and technical knowledge of, the art of printing. New York, B. Franklin.

Blades, W. (1976). Some account of the typography of St Alban's in the fifteenth century. London, [Polytechnic of North London, School of Librarianship].

Blades, W. and W. A. B. Shakespeare (1872). Shakspere and Typography; being an attempt to show Shakspere\2019s personal connection with, and technical knowledge of, the art of printing. [A jeu d\2019esprit.] Also, remarks upon some common typographical errors, with especial reference to the text of Shakspere, pp. viii. 78. Tru\0308bner & Co.: London.

Blades, W. and W. c. A. Caxton (1882). [The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England\2019s first printer.], pp. xii. 387. Tru\0308bner & Co.: London: K. I. Tru\0308bner: Strassburg.

Blades, W. and W. c. A. Caxton (1971). The biography and typography of William Caxton, England\2019s first printer, etc, London: Frederick Muller.

Bland, M. (1995). Johnson, Stansby and english typography 1579-1623, University of Oxford.

Blyth, W. R. o. F. (1862). The Ancient Fonts of Burnham Deepdale and Fincham St Martin, Norfolk, pp. 8. Thew & Son: King\2019s Lynn.

Bond, F. (1985). Fonts and font covers. London, Waterstone.

Bond, F. M. A. F. G. S. (1908). Fonts and Font Covers. Illustrated by 426 photographs and drawings, pp. xv. 347. Oxford University Press: London.

Booth-Clibborn, E. (1991). Typography now: the next wave, Booth-Clibborn Editions.

Borman, J. L. (1990). Desktop publishing sourcebook: fonts and clip-art for IBM PC and compatibles. Pangsbourne, Berks., Kuma Computers.

Boston Type and Stereotype, F. and S. O. Saxe (1989). Old-time advertising cuts and typography: 184 plates from the Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry Catalog (1832), Dover.

Brown, A. E., A. E. Bru\0308ggemann-Klein, et al. (1995). EP'96: proceedings of the sixth international conference on electronic publishing, document manipulation and typography, Wiley.

Brown, B. and S. W. Greenwood (1983). Browns index to photocomposition typography: a compendium of terminologies, procedures and constraints for the guidance of designers, editors and publishers. Minehead, Greenwood.

Bryan, M. (1997). The digital typography sourcebook. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Burke, C. (1995). Paul Renner and German typography, 1900-1950, University of Reading.

Burke, C. (1998). Paul Renner: the art of typography. London, Hyphen.

Burman, C. C. (1896). An Account of the Art of Typography, as practised in Alnwick from 1781 to 1815, with bibliographical notes of all the publications during that period, pp. 72. Alnwick & County Gazette: Alnwick.

Burnhill, P. (2003). Type spaces: in-house norms in the typography of Aldus Manutius. London, Hyphen.

Burns, A. (1962). Typography, [s.n.].

Burrett, E. (1976). Full point: a typographer remembers. Esher (Full Point, New Rd, Esher, Surrey KT10 9PG), Penmiel Press.

Burt, C. L. S. (1959). A Psychological Study of Typography, etc. [With illustrations.], pp. xix. 67. University Press: Cambridge.

Burt, C. S. (1959). A psychological study of typography, Cambridge U.P.

C, T., T. M. A. O. U. P. Combe, et al. (1844). Illustrations of Baptismal Fonts. With an introduction by F. A. Paley. [The advertisement signed: T. C., i.e. Thomas Combe.], John Van Voorst: London.

Caldwell, P. S. (1972). Typography and maps: an analysis of cartographic conventions. Los Angeles, UCLA Library Photographic Dept.: viii,117 leaves: maps; 28cm.

Carlson, J., T. Malina, et al. (1999). Typography: the best work from the Web. Gloucester, Mass., Rockport.

Carnegie Institute. Carnegie Institute of Technology. Department of, P., F. W. Goudy, et al. (1941). Behind the Type. The life story of Frederic W. Goudy. By Bernard Lewis. (The Ethics and Aesthetics of Type and Typography. An address. By F. W. Goudy.) [With plates, including portraits.], pp. 113. Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Institute. Carnegie Institute of Technology. Laboratory, P. and P. Garnett (1935). A Laboratory Press Anthology, unfinished. A collection of texts. originally used as projects in typography for students. at Carnegie Institute of Technology. Compiled by Porter Garnett. M.S. notes, pp. 46. Pittsburgh.

Carter, H. G. (1969). A view of early typography up to about 1600. Oxford, Clarendon P.

Carter, R. (1993). American typography today. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold; London: Chapman and Hall.

Carter, T. S., S. G. v. d. t. e. Morison, et al. (1973). First principles of typography in the ninteen-seventies, [London] Bowaters United Kingdom Paper Co.

Cincinnati Art Museum. Contemporary Arts, C., P. Standard, et al. (1960). Hermann Zapf. Calligrapher, type-designer and typographer. An exhibition arranged and circulated by the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati Art Museum, 1960-1961. (Compiled by Paul Standard.). [A catalogue. With illustrations, including a portrait.], [Cincinnati] Frankfurt am Main printed.

City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education. Department of, T. (1895). The Questions in Typography set from 1890 to 1895 inclusive at the examinations of the. Institute. together with the new syllabus and a list of books recommended by the Institute, pp. 37. Whittaker & Co.: London.

Cliff, S. (1994). The best in cutting edge typography. London, Batsford.

Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. (1987). Ideal book, or, the book beautiful. London, Cadenza Press.

Collier, D. (1990). Collier's rules for desktop design and typography. Wokingham, Addison-Wesley.

Combe, T. and F. A. paley (1844). Illustrations of baptismal fonts. [S.l.], [s.n.].

Copeland, C. (1986). Flowers, fonts and fuzzies: eight ways to worship on Mothering Sunday. London, Church House.

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