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Wallis, L. W. (1990). Modern encyclopedia of typefaces 1960-1990, Lund Humphries.

Walton, R. (1995). Typographics 1: the art of typography from digital to dyeline. New York, N.Y., Hearst Books International.

Warde, B. and H. Jacob (1955). The crystal goblet: sixteen essays on typography. London, Sylvan Press.

Warde, B. b. (1955). Typography is public relations: an address by Beatrice Warde to the Institute of Public Relations, October 25th 1955. [London], [Privately printed].

Warde, B. L. (1962). Go to it. An exchange of letters in nineteen fifty eight on the subject of typography between Beatrice Warde of the Monotype Corporation of London, England and Arnold Rockman, then secretary of the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada, [Thornhill] Guild of Hand Printers; privately printed by Gus & Vincent Ructer at the Village Press, Thornhill, Ontario.

Warde, B. L. and H. o. t. P. S. Jacob (1955). The Crystal Goblet. Sixteen essays on typography. Selected and edited by Henry Jacob, pp. 221. Sylvan Press: London.

Wegner, J. P. (1990). Typography: a first listing of Australian type specimen books & miscellanea. Beecroft, N.S.W., Brandywine Press & Archive.

Welford, R. (1906). Early Newcastle Typography, 1639-1800, pp. 134. [Newcastle.

Whetton, H. (1913). Questions and Answers in Typography. A guide to the City and Guilds Institute of London and H.M. Stationery Office examinations, pp. 54. Raithby, Lawrence & Co.: Leicester.

White, A. (1999). Type in use: effective typography for electronic publishing. New York; London, W.W. Norton.

Wijnman, H. F. (1960). An outline of the development of Ethiopian typography in Europe. Leiden, Brill.

Williams, R. (1998). How to boss your fonts around: a primer on font technology and font management on the Macintosh. Berkeley, Calif., Peachpit Press.

Williamson, H. (1955). Book typography: a handlist for book designers. London, published for the National Book League by the Cambridge University Press.

Wolcott, N. M. and J. Hilsenrath (1976). A contribution to computer typesetting techniques: tables of coordinates for Hershey's repertory of occidental type fonts and graphic symbols. Washington, D.C., Govt Print. Off.

Zafren, H. C. (1983). Variety in the typography of Yiddish, 1535-1635. [Cincinnati, Ohio], Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Zapf, H. (1964). Typographic variations designed by Hermann Zapf on themes in contemporary book design and typography in 78 book-and title-pages, etc, Museum Books: New York.

Zapf, H. and J. Dreyfus (1991). Classical typography in the computer age: Clark Library seminar: Papers. Los Angeles, Calif., William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles.

Zapf, H. and J. Dreyfus (1991). Classical typography in the computer age: papers presented at a Clark Library Seminar, 27 February 1988. Los Angeles, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California.

Zappaterra, Y. (1999). Typography. Crans-Pre\0300s-Ce\0301ligny; Hove, RotoVision.

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