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Cowell, W. S. l. I. E. (1952). A book of typefaces with some illustrated examples of text and display setting, Ipswich.

Cowell, W. S. P. F. (1960). Typefaces. A complete list showing the sizes of typefaces held by W. S. Cowell Limited, Ipswich.

Craig, J. W. o. T. and S. E. Meyer (1974). Designing with type: a basic course in typography. Edited by Susan E. Meyer. (Third printing.), New York: Watson-Guptill Publications.

Crouwel, W. (1967). New alphabet. A possibility for the new development. An introduction for a programmed typography. ([By] Wim Crouwel.), Hilversum: Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co.

Cutts, M. (1993). Unspeakable acts? clarifying the language and typography of an act of parliament: discussion paper. Stockport, Words at Work.

Cutts, M. (1993). Unspeakable Acts? clarifying the language and typography of an Act of Parliament, Words at Work.

Da Cunha Lima, G. S. (1993). O grafico amador: the roots of modern Brazilian typography, University of Reading.

Davies, R. F. (1982). An investigation into the effect of computer aided composition on the work of the typographer, Manchester Polytechnic.

Davy, H. D. (1991). Good manners in desk-top publishing: the principles of typography applied to near-printing techniques. Wylam, Allenholme Press.

Day, D. E. (1993). The trouble with fonts. Carmel, Ind., Alpha Books.

Day, K. (1956). The Typography of Press Advertisement. A practical summary of principles and their application, etc. [With illustrations.], pp. xvi. 304. Ernest Benn: London.

De Lopatecki, E. (1949). Typographer's desk manual: identifying, measuring, combining and specifying type faces, using type effectively for text and display, selecting type to interpret copy, to harmonize with illustrations and to print well on paper specified. New York, Ronald Press.

De Vinne, T. L. (1901). The practice of typography: correct composition: a treatise on spelling, abbreviations, the compounding and division of words, the proper use of figures and numerals. with observations on punctuation and proof-reading. New York, Century Co.

De Vinne, T. L. (1914). [The Practice of Typography.], 4 pt. Oswald Publishing Co.: New York.

De Vinne, T. L. (1986). Masculine printing: a paper ordered to be printed by the Sixth Annual Convention of the United Typothetae of America, August 1892. London, Cadenza Press.

Deck, J. (1819). A catalogue of a small but valuable collection of books; containing many scarce and curious articles in history, divinity, old poetry, early specimens of typography, and best editions of classic literature. on sale, for ready money, at the affixed prices, by John Deck, bookseller and stationer, Post Office, Bury St. Edmund's. Ipswich, printed by R. Deck.

Dibdin, T. F. (1817). The Bibliographical Decameron; or, Ten days pleasant discourse upon illuminated manuscripts, and subjects connected with early engraving, typography and bibliography. [With plates.] L.P, 3 vol. Printed for the Author: London.

Dickson, R. F. S. A. S. (1884). Examples of Early Scottish Typography. Selected by Robert Dickson. [Facsimiles.], J. & J. P. Edmond & Spark: Aberdeen.

Dickson, R. F. S. A. S. (1885). Introduction of the Art of Printing into Scotland. [With facsimiles reprinted from \201CExamples of Early Scottish Typography.\201D] L.P, pp. xvi. 98. J. & J. P. Edmond & Spark: Aberdeen.

Dowding, G. (1954). Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type, pp. xiv. 60. Wace & Co.: London.

Dowding, G. (1957). Factors in the Choice of Type Faces, pp. xiv. 131. Wace & Co.: London.

Dowding, G. (1961). An introduction to the history of printing types: an illustrated summary of the main stages in the development of type design from 1440 up to the present day: an aid to type face identification. London, Wace.

Dowding, G. (1966). Finer points in the spacing & arrangement of type. (Third edition.), pp. xiv. 79. Wace & Co.: London.

Drake, C. S. (2001). The Romanesque fonts of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Woodbridge, Boydell & Brewer.

Dreyfus, J. (1980). British book typography 1889-1939: three Sandars Lectures given by John Dreyfus, Cambridge, The author.

Dreyfus, J. (1994). Into print: selected writings on printing history, typography and book production. London, British Library.

Dreyfus, J. and D. McKitterick (1982). Aspects of French eighteenth century typography: a study of type specimens in the Broxbourne Collection at Cambridge University Library. Cambridge, Printed for presentation to members of the Roxburghe Club.

Drucker, J. (1994). The visible word: experimental typography and modern art, 1909-1923. Chicago; London, University of Chicago Press.

Duncan, H. (1983). Doors of perception: essays in book typography. Austin, W. Thomas Taylor.

Earls, D. (2002). Designing typefaces. Hove, RotoVision.

Eden, C. H. (1909). Black Tournai Fonts in England. The group of seven late Norman fonts from Belgium. Illustrated, pp. 32. Elliot Stock: London.

Eden, C. H. (1909). Black tournal fonts in England. [S.l.], Elliot Stock.

Ehrlich, F. (1934). The New Typography & Modern Layouts, pp. 120. pl. 70. Chapman & Hall: London; printed in U.S.A.

Ehrlich, F. (1934). The new typography and modern layouts. [S.l.], Chapman and Hall.

Elam, K. (1990). Expressive typography: the word as image. New York; London, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Evans, H. (1973). Editing and design: a five-volume manual of English, typography and layout. London, Heinemann [for] The National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Farmer, C. D. (1931). Practical Typography and Copy Writing. A reliable guide to the construction of advertisement lay-outs, etc, pp. vii. 103. Sir I. Pitman & Sons: London.

Farmer, C. D. (1931). Practical typography and copy writing: A reliable guide to the construction of a advertisement lay-outs and to the art of successful copy writing for all students of advertising and salesmanship. [S.l.], Pitman.

Farrar, G. P. (1917). The Typography of Advertisements that pay, etc, pp. xvi. 282. D. Appleton & Co.: New York, London.

Farrar, G. P. (1917). Typography of Advertisements That Pay. [S.l.], Appleton.

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