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Fenn, E. A. H. (1933). Fonts in English Churches, pp. 23. S.P.C.K.: London.

Fletcher, I. (1990). Rediscovering Herbert Horne: poet, architect, typographer, art historian. Greensboro, N.C., ELT Press; Gerrards Cross: Smythe [distributor].

Foss, C. (1954). A List of Typefaces, Decorative Borders & Devices used by Christopher Foss at the Sign of the Griffin, Christopher Foss: London.

Foss, C. p. a. t. s. o. t. G. (1954). A list of typefaces, decorative borders used by Christopher Foss at the Sign of the Griffin. London, C. Foss.

Foulkes, D. (1928). The Typography of Oregon Newspapers as it appears to an old-timer, pp. 16. Ludlow Typograph Co.: Chicago.

Francia, H. S. (1970). Selected poems. (Typography, illustrations. by Ofelia L. Gelvezon.), [Quezon City] University of the Philippines Press.

Franklin, C. and E. G. Craig (1980). Fond of printing: Gordon Craig as typographer & illustrator. London, Hurtwood.

Frazier, J. L. (1925). Type lore. Popular fonts of today, their origin and use. The history of the art of typography succinctly related for practical men, Chicago: The author.

Friedl, F., N. Ott, et al. (1998). Typography: when, who, how. Ko\0308ln, Ko\0308nemann.

Froshaug, A. (2000). Anthony Froshaug: Typography & texts. London, Hyphen.

Fuks, L. and R. G. Fuks-Mansfeld (1984). Hebrew typography in the Northern Netherlands, 1585-1815: historical evaluation and descriptive bibliography. Leiden, Brill.

Furuta, R. (1990). EP90: International conference on electronic publishing, document manipulation and typography: Papers. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Furuta, R. (1990). EP90: proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation and Typography, Gaithersburg, Maryland. 1990. Cambridge, CUP.

Gell, W. S. and J. P. Gandy (1852). Pompeiana: The typography, edifices, and ornaments of Pompeii. [S.l.], Bohn.

Gill, A. E. R. (1931). An Essay on Typography, etc, pp. 120. Sheed & Ward: London.

Gill, A. E. R. (1936). An Essay on Typography. Second edition, pp. 133. Sheed & Ward: London.

Gill, A. E. R. (1960). An Essay on Typography, etc. (Reprinted.), pp. 127. J. M. Dent & Sons: London.

Gill, E. (1936). An Essay on Typography. London, Sheed and Ward.

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and, M. (1975). John Petts: painting, drawing, engraving, stained glass, mosaic, sculpture, enamels, typography: a retrospective exhibition arranged by the Committee of the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, 2-23 August 1975. [Swansea] ([c/o The Curator, Alexander Rd, Swansea SA1 5DZ]), The Gallery.

Gómez Muntané, M. d. C. and M. Bernadó (2001). Fuentes musicales en la Península Ibérica: ca. 1250-ca. 1550: actas del coloquio internacional, Lleida, 1-3 abril 1996 = Fonts musicals a la Península Ibèrica: actes del col·loqui internacional, Lleida, 1-3 abril 1996. [Lleida], Universitat de Lleida: Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs.

Gordon, M. and E. Dodd (1990). Decorative typography. Oxford, Phaidon.

Gosney, M., L. Dayton, et al. (1991). The Verbum book of digital typography, M&T Books.

Goudy, F. W. (1946). A Half-Century of Type Design and Typography, 1895-1945. [With \201CA List of Goudy Types,\201D a bibliography by George L. McKay, type-specimens and portraits.], 2 vol. pp. 283. The Typophiles: New York.

Goudy, F. W. (1977). Typologia: studies in type design and type making with comments on the invention of typography, the first types, legibility and fine printing. Berkeley (etc.), University of California Press.

Grabhorn, R. (1959). Nineteenth Century Type, displayed in 18 fonts, cast by United States Founders, now in the cases of the Grabhorn Press, etc. [With an introduction by Robert Grabhorn.], San Francisco.

Graig, J. (1980). Designing with type: A basic course in typography. New York, Watson-Guptill Publications.

Gray, N. and R. Nash (1976). Nineteenth century ornamented typefaces. London, Faber.

Green, E. T. (1928). Baptismal fonts: classified and illustrated. [S.l.], S.P.C.K.

Gress, E. G. (1910). The Art & Practice of Typography: a manual of American printing. Including a brief history up to the twentieth century, with reproductions of the work of early masters of the craft and an extensive review and elaborate showing of modern commercial typographic specimens, pp. xxvi. 160. xxiv. Oswald Publishing Co.: New York.

Gress, E. G. (1917). The Art & Practice of Typography. Second edition, pp. xx. 202. Oswald Publishing Co.: New York.

Gress, E. G. (1917). The art and practice of typography: a manual of American printing. New York, Oswald Publishing.

Gress, E. G. (1917). The art and practice of typography. New York, Oswald Publishing Co.

Gress, E. G. (1931). Fashions in American Typography, 1780 to 1930, etc. [With illustrations.], pp. xxviii. 201. Harper & Bros.: New York.

Gress, W. B. (1931). Advanced typography. Washington, D.C., United Typothetae of America.

Greswell, W. P. (1818). Annals of Parisian typography containing an account of the earliest typographical establishments of Paris, and notices and illustrations of the most remarkable productions of the Parisian Gothic Press, compiled principally to shew its general character, and its particular influence upon the early English press. London, Cadel and Davies: Longman and Co.: Lackington and Co.: R.H. Evans: J. and W. Lowndes.

Greswell, W. P. (1818). Annals of Parisian Typography: containing an Account of the Earliest Typographical Establishments of Paris and Notices and Illustrations of the Most Remarkable Production of the Parisian Gothic Press: Compiled principally to shew its General Character; and its Particular Influence upon The Early English. [S.l.], Press. Cadell & Davies.

Grolier Club, C. (1895). A Description of the Early Printed Books owned by The Grolier Club with a Brief Account of Their Printers and the History of Typography in the Fifteenth Century. [S.l.], Grolier Club.

Grolier, C. (1895). A Description of the Early Printed Books owned by the Grolier Club, with a brief account of their printers and the history of typography in the fifteenth century. [With facsimiles.], pp. 77. New York.

Guppy, H. (1928). Stepping Stones to the Art of Typography. With fourteen facsimiles. Reprinted from \201CThe Bulletin of the John Rylands Library,\201D etc, pp. 45. Manchester, London.

Guppy, H. (1928). Stepping-stones to the art of typography. Manchester, University Press.

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